Healthy Habits begin at home.

But for many, more time is spent working than doing anything else.

The workplace is a key opportunity for driving improvements in health nationwide. Research found that two thirds (65%) of employees across Ireland feel they should be consuming a healthier diet. Just one third of employees meet the recommended levels of physical activity per week while 4 in 10 office bound employees state they do no physical activity on working days.
















Amongst many reasons a healthy workforce offers the following advantages to a business:

  • Reduced absenteeism and health/insurance costs

  • More efficient and time productive work

  • Enhanced performance and self-esteem

  •  Positive atmosphere and attitude to work

  •  Better cooperation and teamwork

  •  Less stress

  •  Lower staff turnover rates

  •  Good image and reputation


We all know the major health problems that this country is facing but Public Health is everyone’s business.

Of course people must be responsible for their own health but the impact of our environment on our wellbeing is key and the workplace has a powerful role in shaping individual behaviour.

This is not only for the benefit of individuals but also for the benefit of entire families and the economy.

Each session is tailored to the needs and wants of the particular workplace. 1:1 individual employee consultations are also available.

Click here to listen about workplace wellness

"I thought the session was very good and interactive. I would definitely like to do more with Niamh as she was very good & kept us involved"


"Great session. Very informative about the food & sugar content. Great learning to pass on to other team members"


"Niamh is an excellent presenter. Very light & fun filled with great advice"


"More sessions please. Very informative & experiments made it fun. Speaker was very clear & friendly. Very good session"

"Fantastic. It was so worthwhile. I got loads of great tips that I'll definitely apply. Thanks a lot.”


"Very insightful. Friendly. Easy to use tips. Very enjoyable experience"


"Speaker & session was really helpful. Her Knowledge shared would really help me to understand how it affects my mood & behaviour. Thanks"


"Niamh has been great. Really professional and friendly. Her recommendations have been great tips and I'm sure they will prove very useful"


"The seminar was very informative and I thought the  experiments were brilliant and rather shocking! Great session and thank you very much"


"Really good. Niamh Makes information 'Easy to digest' :)"


"Very good. Interactive. Worked well. Thank you"


“Very enjoyable . Kept audience interested . Could have listened to her all day"


“I found Niamh to be very engaging & informative. Afterwards, I feel more confident to use the knowledge & apply it to myself.  I really enjoyed the demonstrations to illustrate the concepts"


"Excellent. You know your stuff. Good to follow up and have another session in a few months""

Feedback From Previous Workplace Sessions

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