Yep you read correctly. Roll out the 'Rolo's' & roll in the healthier scrummy yummy 'Raw-lo's'.

Blitzing up dates in a little bit of water turns them into a melt in the mouth healthier caramel!!!

Add nut butter and you're packing in protein and healthy fats (which we need in small amounts!) Smoother them in dark chocolate and you're reaping all those beautiful cocoa benefits!!

The great thing is even though they are so delicious, they are very filling so you won't scoff them down as you might do with a normal pack of Rolo's and they won't lead to sharp spikes and falls in your blood energy levels= More sustaining energy over time to keep you ROLLING on with your day!! Plus they are SOOO simples to make!

So perhaps instead of a biscuit or chocolate with your coffee, try a Raw-lo!

Speaking of coffee, did you know that only about 4% of the money we pay for coffee actually goes to the coffee farmer. Please check out the passion & perfection that goes into every bean of Moyee coffee by Irish Shane Reilly & Killian Stokes: www.moyeecoffee.ie

We know the importance of a 'bottoms up' approach by working directly with farmers on the ground and bridging the gap between grower, producer and us-the consumers.

Both Moyee and Madécasse use 'Direct Trade' which goes above and beyond the Top down approach often involved with Fair trade helping to improve farmer income and the local economy. This in turn reduces the reliance on developmental aid and gives hope for a more fair and prosperous future for developing countries.

Madécasse is an indulgent high quality chocolate with so many different dark chocolate flavours. Defo worth a 'square' of your time and taste buds especially if you are new and trying to acquire a love for dark chocolate: https://madecasse.com


Ingredients: (Makes 12 Rawlos)

-100g Dates in 1-2 tablespoons water

-140g Almond butter (or a nut/seed butter of your choice!)

-50g Dark chocolate (AT least 70% cocoa)

Method to my madness:

1. Having soaked the dates in a small amount of water, mash them up. If they don't mash up easily, heat them gently in the microwave/hob.

2.Add the nut/seed butter to the mashed dates and mix well.

3. Roll into balls and freeze for 30minutes.

4.Melt dark chocolate. Coat the balls in the dark chocolate and freeze for 20minutes.

See how long they can last melting in your mouth without you gobbling up their gooey centre and crisp chocolate shell!!!!

As Gaeilge!!!


-60g Dátaí le 1-2 spúnóg bhoird le huisce

-140g I'm almóin (nó aon im cnó)

-50g Seacláide dorcha


1.Brúim na dátaí. Úsaid an oigheann micreathonnach má bhíonn sé deacair le déanamh.

2. Measc an im cnó agus na dátaí brúite le chéile .

3. Déan an meascán cnónna ina ceirtlíní agus cuir isteach sa reiteoir é ar feadh 30 nóiméad..

4. Leáigh an tseacláid i mbabhla. Clúdaigh na ceirtlíní sa seacláid agus cuir iad isteach sa reiteoir arís ar feadh 20 nóiméad.

Tá súil agam go mbaineann sibh a oiread suilt as agus a bhain mise!!!

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