So because I LOVE the combination of chocolate and nuts, I am ALWAYS making up my own nutritious and delicious versions of Nutella...

This recipe is SUPER SIMPLE. And when working with David Gillick (Irish Olympic Champion athlete) he said:

"Niamh Arthurs @BiaBites your avocado nutella is seriously good!! 👏👏...could do with more!!"

You can go "Avo-control" with the nutritious benefits as avocados:

-are an excellent source of HEALTHY fats for our hearts, nice skin and shiny hair.

-contain anti-inflammatory properties with many carotenoids, lutein for eye health and the potent antioxidant 'Glutathione' which helps to keep our immune systems strong and fighting.

-have even more potassium than bananas making them SUPERB for sports, exercise and blood pressure control.

-are a lovely source of fibre and in addition to their healthy fat content, makes them useful for digestion, weight control and blood sugar regulation.

-are high in B vitamins for our energy and metabolism including folic acid which is also important during pregnancy and helping to regulate homo-cysteine levels for healthy hearts.


-2 ripe avocados

-4 tablespoons hazelnut butter (Use another nut butter if you don't have hazelnut!)

-2 tablespoons 100% cocoa powder (Use less if you don't like it as rich!)

-2 tablespoons natural liquid sweetener (eg. honey or agave/date/maple syrup)

(Could also use 1 teaspoon vanilla pods/essence and only 1 tbsp natural liquid sweetener)


1. Scoop out the avocados. Whip them using a mixer/blender until smooth and creamy.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix. Add some water for a thinner consistency.

3. Store in a fridge for up to 3 days.



-2 abhacád

-2 spúnóg bhoird im cnó coill (nó aon im cnó)

-2 spúnóg bhoird 100% púdar cócó (úsáid níos lú ná dtaithníonn leat blas breá!)

-2 spúnóg bhoird meala nó síoróip mhailpe/agave/dáta

(Is féidir leat úsáid 1 taespúnóg fanaile agus aon spúnóg bhoird amháin meala nó síoróip mhailpe/agave/dáta)


1. Bain amach l'abhacád agus múscail iad i gcumascóir go dtí a bhíonn iad mín agus uachtarúil.

2. Cuirtear le na comhábhair eile isteach agus measc le chéile. Cuirtear l'uisce chun raimhre níos leacht a fháil.

3. Bain sult as agus coinnigh sa cuisneoir ar feadh 3 laethanta.

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