Kale....many of us consume it in juices, salads or the traditional Irish 'colcannon'.

But do we realise the rich nutritional goodness of kale and another way it can be eaten as a much healthier alternative to standard potato crisps?

Kale has a rich iron and vitamin B12 content, both really essential for our energy, alertness, drive and focus in daily tasks.

Kale contains several different flavonoids so it is boasting with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Not to mention its high calcium, vitamin C, vitamin K and vitamin A content.

It is heart healthy, high in fibre and health promoting.

Indeed with all these nutrients we could refer to it as the '50 shades of kale'!!!

To maximise the nutritional benefits of kale such as the absorption of its calcium and iron content, try combine it with a food rich in vitamin C such as other vegetables like peppers, potatoes, other leafy greens or fruit such as oranges, kiwi or a squeeze of lemon/lime juice.

Research also shows that absorption of fat soluble vitamins- A, D, E and K can be aided by combining foods rich in these vitamins with a small amount of healthy fats such as rapeseed or olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, oily fish.

In my recipe below I used the tasty dressings from Thyme Out as they contain a splendid mix of healthy fats and vitamin C to make my kale crisps CRAZILY NUTRITIOUS AND DELICIOUS!!. ENJOY!


- 200g Kale

-1 tablespoon dressing of your choice such as Thyme out

OR: mix together 1/2 tbsp rapeseed/olive/coconut oil with juice from 1/2 lemon/lime and 1/2 tsp each of a mix of herbs and spices such as chilli powder/cayenne pepper/smoked paprika....

50 Shades of Kale coming your way:

1. Preheat oven to 150'c.

2. Rip the kale up into large leaves with your hands by removing the stalks. (Throw the stalks into a juice or other recipe. DO NOT WASTE OR YOU WONT BE GETTING YOUR 50 SHADES OF KALE!!)

3. Toss the kale in a large mixing bowl with the dressing of your choice. It is important to do this in a mixing bowl rather than on the baking tray to ensure the leaves get covered evenly.

4. Spread the kale pieces onto a baking tray (use a baking sheet/parchment paper to prevent burning).

Ensure the kale pieces are not overcrowding so that they all get a fair share of crisping!

5. Bake at 120'c for 15 minutes. Turn them over and bake for another 10-15 minutes until crisp! They will shrink and shrivel and the sooner they are eaten the crispier they will be...SO CRUNCH THE KALE AWAY!!!!

As Gaeilge:


-200g Cál

-1 spúnóg bhoird anlann mar shampla Thyme Out

NÓ measc 1/2 spúnóg bhoird ola ráibe/olóige/chnó cócó AGUS sú líomóide/líoma x1/2 AGUS 1/2 taespúnóg meascán luibheanna/spíosraí mar: púdar sillí/piobar Chéin/paiprice

50 slisín de Cál ag teacht i do threo!!!

1. Réamhthéigh an oigheann go 150'c.

2. Stróiceadh an cál agus baineadh an gais den duilleoga. Úsáid na gais mar sú nó oideas eile.

3. Caith an cál leis an anlann i babhla meascadh.

4. Leag amach an cál ar tráidire bácála. Déan cinnte de nach mbíonn an cál róphlódaithe.

5. Bácáil ag 120'c ar feadh 15 nóiméad. Chas iad agus bácáil ar feadh 10-15 nóiméad eile go dtí go mbíonn siad seargtha agus briosc.

Ith do 50 slisín de Cál !!!!!!

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