Mango Kefir Ice Cream-Uachtar Reoite kefir

Kefir is cows/goats milk which cultures of yeast and bacteria have been added to.

This makes it taste sour like yogurt but has a thinner consistency like milk.

'Kefir' comes from the turkish 'keyif' which means “feeling good”.

And indeed there is a lot of research to support many of the benefits of 'feeling good' kefir!!!

Kefir is rich in calcium, protein, B vitamins and K2 (if full fat milk used) making it an excellent source of nutrition for immunity, energy, growth, bones and sports/exercise.

Typically 100ml of Irish 'Lifeway' Kefir contains:

3.5g protein, 1g fat (0.6g saturated), 123mg calcium (15% RI), 0.9μg Vitamin B12 (32% RI), 0.23mg Vitamin B2 (14% RI), 41kcal

Yogurt is the most commonly known probiotic food in the Western world.

However kefir is actually a more powerful probiotic as it contains a higher amount and a more diverse range of microorganisms. Probiotics are microorganisms that when ingested can have beneficial health effects such as digestion and gut health, weight management and mental health.

Kefir may help restore the level of good bacteria in our gut to relieve symptoms associated with intolerances/IBS or following a course of antibiotics. Our gut bacteria make up 70% of our immune system and are constantly fighting infections/bad bacteria to keep us well and prevent illness. Thus it is vital to look after the microorganisms in our gut because they look after us!!

The bacteria in kefir break down lactose into lactic acid and also contain enzymes which breaks down lactose even further. This means kefir has very low levels of lactose and many with lactose intolerance are able to enjoy kefir and its many benefits without suffering!

Kefir can made be dairy free by using the starter cultures with fruit juice, coconut milk/water or other sweet drinks.

How to use kefir??

-Pour it on top of your brekie

-Overnight Oats


-As a snack with muesli/granola and fruit

-Salad dressings instead of yogurt

-Drizzle over pancakes

-ICE CREAM- See below!!


Makes 3 generous scoops


-1 mango (Frozen, chopped)

-2 Bananas (Frozen, chopped)

-100ml kefir (Irish brand 'Lifeway' is SUPERB and they have many different flavours!!!!)

-30g Vanilla Protein Powder (Optional-not for children,just if you want a bit of extra protein power! Kinetica protein is MIGHTY quality, readily available, reasonably priced & Irish!)


1. Allow the frozen bananas and mango to soften a little.

2. Blitz the mango, bananas and kefir in a blender/using a food processor until smooth and soft.

3. If using, mix in the protein powder.

4. Serve/eat and enjoy IMMEDIATELY!!!

As Gaeilge:

Uachtar Reoite Kefir Mangó


-1 Mangó (reoite, mionghearrtha)

-2 Bananas (reoite, mionghearrtha)

-100ml Kefir na hÉireann as Lifeway

-30g púdar próitéin fanaile (Roghnach)

1.Lig den mangó agus bananas a dhíreo beagán riamh ag tosù.

2.Déan blitz ar na mangó, Bananas & kefir le cumascóir. Stop nuair a bhíonn an meascán mín.

3.Más mian leat cuir le púdar próitéin agus measc le chéile.

4. Bain taitneamh as!!!

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