Oats are a basic kitchen staple BUT NOWHERE near basic when it comes to their Nutritional Value and the "Oatalicious" things you can make with them!

Oats contain OODLES of a special fibre called Beta-Glucan. They also contain low GI wholegrain Carbohydrates for healthy hearts, digestion, weight management and energy levels.

Some research suggests that 3g or more of Beta-Glucan per day can lower LDL and total cholesterol and this can be achieved by having 2-4 portions of oat based products e.g. breakfast cereals, breads and crackers every day. In clinical trials a 5% total and LDL cholesterol lowering effect was seen within 4 weeks in those who consumed more oat based foods.

Overnight Oats are a quick, easy and versatile way to include oats in your diet. Soaking the oats in liquid overnight softens them which means NO cooking and NO hassle early in the morning!

You can choose whatever liquid you like to soak the oats in overnight and add any toppings you enjoy. You can heat before you eat or have it cold! Make it in containers and bring it on the go. Or make it in big batches and freeze it in individual portions so that you are never stuck for a nutritious and delicious Breakfast/Snack!

Basic Ingredients:

=Equal portions of Oats:Milk:Yogurt

-4 tablespoons Oats

-4 tablespoons Milk (Dairy/Coconut/Almond/Hazelnut Milk etc!)

-4 tablespoons Natural Yogurt (Could use Strained/Greek style yogurt for more protein!)

-1 tablespoon milled Chia Seeds

(For Omega 3, Fibre, Protein!)

Layer the Basic Ingredients in a container with Oats and Chia Seeds first, followed by milk, then yogurt. Continue with these layers and mix in combo's such as the below to make it "OOOAT" SO GOOD!!!

Leave overnight or at least 3 hours to allow the oats to soften.

If you DO NOT want the Fruit/Other Crunchy Toppings to go soggy, then DON'T soak them overnight and just have them ready to add in right before YOU DIVE IN!!


-Peanut Butter & Banana (Could also add unsweetened cocoa powder)

-Apple, Almond Butter & Hazelnuts=MIGHTY MUNCH

-Blueberry Cashew Cream= CREAMY FRUITY BURSTS

-Flaxseed, Blueberry & Vanilla

-Muesli soaked in Apple Juice

-Chopped Peaches & Nuts in Hazelnut Milk

-Pineapple & Pistachio Nuts

-Mango, Pumpkin Seeds & Almond Milk

-Raspberries, Raisins & Sunflower Seeds

-Cranberries, Linseeds & Vanilla

-Hibiscus, Ginger & Goji Berry in Coconut Milk

-Coconut, Vanilla & Pomegranate

-Stewed Apple & Cinnamon= APPLE PIE!!

-Quinoa, Cocoa Powder & Cocoa Nibs= CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!

-Lemon, Thyme & Honey= THROAT SOOTHER

-Orange, Coconut & Vanilla =SMOOTH & TANGY

-Kiwi, Coconut & Cashew =TROPICAL TWIST

-Dates, Banana & Pecans= PECAN PIE

-Carrot, Walnuts, Banana, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Mixed Spice= CARROT CAKE!!

-Figs, Pears & Almonds= PEAR & ALMOND TART

-Banana, Cocoa Powder, Cacoa nibs, Vanilla & Soak in Coffee overnight= CAFFEINE FIX

-Maple Syrup, Bacon & Walnut=SWEET & SALTY!!!

-Green Smoothie! (Soak oats in this instead of milk overnight)

ENJOY & Let Me know how you get on!!

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