"Healthy Habits are Key

Healthy Habits are good for me"

My school sessions are:

  • Based on the SPHE curriculum

  • Fun, Interactive and Informative

  • Tailored to the needs and wants of each school

  • Use a whole School Approach involving parents, staff & pupils

  •  Focus on various aspects of Healthy Eating such as:

+ The Importance of Nutrition

+ Balance and Variety
+ "Me" sized portions
+ Food Familiarity
+ Food Choices and Meal Preferences

+ Food Safety and Hygiene

+ Understanding healthy and less healthy choices



Testimonials from Primary School Parents and Staff: 


"Great speaker. I hope the kids enjoy Niamh as much as I did!"

“Niamh is very enthusiastic about her subject and this is contagious!”

“Very informative, loved how the talk was very visual to help make it easier to remember. Great ideas for meals and snacks”


"Very interesting for adults as well as pupils"

"Your personality worked really well with it. You explained it really well"

“Excellent talk and we had great discussions over dinner this evening with the kids. 

Thanks so much for everything”

"Lively presentation and age appropriate"

“Very well delivered. Informative. Presented in a way that will make key facts stick” 

"Was very interesting & really enjoyed it. You were great fun Niamh"

"Great comments. Especially enjoyed the games & looking at 'new' healthier foods. Very interesting talk. Will help with Healthy Eating policy"

"Was a great success. You're a pro"

"Always beneficial to help people understand what they are eating. Speaker was very smart & professional"


“Child friendly”    “Very informative”   “Very enjoyable”


“The children were engaged throughout”


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