Some degree of problematic eating behaviours is expected in younger

children due to development of independence.  Nevertheless, parents have

a crucial role in developing eating patterns which begins from the age of

2 or 3 and often persists at least throughout childhood.

Parents often find introducing novel foods to their children as challenging  and this can be problematic as foods such as fruit and vegetables that are most commonly rejected often have a significant impact on later health.


By creating positive attitudes and behaviours towards diet and health when young, children are more likely to establish a healthy relationship with food and eating which will help to instil healthy habits for life.


My sessions aim to introduce young children to a wide variety of foods to extend their tasting palate and food familiarity in a fun, learning and supportive environment. In this way guiding the young is guiding their future.

“Flourish And Nourish The Future”


Pre-School Level

Eating patterns involve behaviours associated with appetite, food acceptance and meal habits.

Food preferences tend to be formed around age 4 and often stay constant until at least age 8. Children establish likes and dislikes for certain foods through learning processes such as observation and experience of the consequences and rewards of consuming them.  


"As part of our Healthy Eating week, we invited Niamh Arthurs from Biabites to come to our playschool to talk to the children about the importance of Healthy Eating.  

Niamh had a wonderful rapport with the children. She made ‘Healthy Eating’ fun and interesting for them. They were eager and excited to try the new and varied fruits and vegetables that Niamh brought with her. Niamh was patient and encouraging with all the children.

She gave each child an age appropriate Healthy Eating pack to bring home with them and share with their families. We received a lot of positive feedback from the Parents of our children. They were very impressed with how knowledgeable their children were about healthy eating and were delighted that they were suddenly a lot more interested in eating healthier.

We would highly recommend Niamh Arthurs and Biabites and are already looking forward to her next visit to our playschool"!

Catherine Dwyer owner of Little Moo Moos Playschool

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