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When is comes to sports nutrition, there is soooooo much information that contradicts each other depending on the type of sport that you are doing. This is because different sports place different nutritional demands on our bodies and so to optimise your performance an...

Yep you read correctly. Roll out the 'Rolo's' & roll in the healthier scrummy yummy 'Raw-lo's'.

Blitzing up dates in a little bit of water turns them into a melt in the mouth healthier caramel!!!

Add nut butter and you're packing in protein and healthy fats (which we nee...

Quinoa has become the new 'queen of the crops' and is seen as more fashionable compared to traditional grains such as rice, couscous, barley or bulgur wheat. 

Although it has only become popular in westernised societies in recent years, quinoa formed the staple food in...

So because I LOVE the combination of chocolate and nuts, I am ALWAYS making up my own nutritious and delicious versions of Nutella...

This recipe is SUPER SIMPLE. And when working with David Gillick (Irish Olympic Champion athlete) he said:

"Niamh Arthurs @BiaBites your...

Kale....many of us consume it in juices, salads or the traditional Irish 'colcannon'. 

But do we realise the rich nutritional goodness of kale and another way it can be eaten as a much healthier alternative to standard potato crisps? 

Kale has a rich iron and v...

What is a pumpkin's favorite sport? 

Pumpkins are the most popular of the winter squashes. Most people just associate them with Halloween and making lanterns but pumpkins are "terror-ifically" high in vitamin A, fibre and flavonoid poly-phenolic antioxidant...

Ever hear the phrase "You can't have your cake and eat it too"? In life there are always occasions with sweet treats around-Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Wed

Each of these pancakes contains a WHOPPING 18g of protein and only costs €0.57!!!

They are also loaded with B Vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A and D.

Many people consume high protein diets for optimum sports performance and exercise recovery. However, research now sug...

Kefir is cows/goats milk which cultures of yeast and bacteria have been added to.

This makes it taste sour like yogurt but has a thinner consistency like milk.

'Kefir' comes from the turkish 'keyif' which means “feeling good”.

And indeed there is a lot of research to...

Oats are a basic kitchen staple BUT NOWHERE near basic when it comes to their Nutritional Value and the "Oatalicious" things you can make with them! 

Oats contain OODLES of a special fibre called Beta-Glucan. They also contain low GI wholegrain Carbohydrates f...

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