Involving parents and the home environment are essential to maximise what has been described as the 'window of opportunity' in encouraging healthy lifestyles in children and young people.

Parents and older siblings play a pivotal role as a guide and coach for younger members of the family as they learn to make decisions around eating. But modern busy lifestyles and the surrounding environment can make it difficult for individuals and families to know how to eat tasty and wholesome nutritious foods.

 Unfortunately the reality is that children today may have shorter life spans than their parents.

Children of parents with a limited liking of foods may lead to a lack of availability of various healthy foods in the home, leading to a lack of opportunity to try new tastes.

  Food neophobia literally means the fear of new foods which leads to food rejection and reluctance to try new foods . It is an innate trait usually occurring between 18 months to seven years and is suggested to be linked to an evolutionary benefit to prevent the ingestion of potentially harmful substances and greater independence from parents.


Neophobia and picky eating show some overlap. Faddy or picky eating is another behavioural pattern in which children have insufficient food intakes and may refuse to eat altogether or lack variety and only eat a limited number of items.


The above are common issues that families may face and can

subsequently lead to adverse health outcomes such as;

increased risk of being underweight, overweight,

developing more serious eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and deficiencies in essential vitamins and fibre.


Consequently it is imperative to work with families and individuals to identify the contributors underlying such behaviours and

cultivate healthier and happier ways of living for the whole family.


Individual and Family Sessions take place within the comfort of the families home as this allows an accurate and detailed picture of the situation to be drawn.  This also enables more specific and practical advice to be proposed.

Food Shopping Trips are also a common feature of Individual and Family Sessions as are the following topics: 





Feedback From Individuals/Families:

"Fantastic. It was so worthwhile. I got loads of great tips that I'll definitely apply. Thanks a lot."

"Very helpful. Good tips. Went through food plan do's/don't's. Knowledgeable. Good to follow up and have another session in a few months"

"I have found Niamh's guidance fantastic. She treats everybody with such care and consideration and patience. Her dietary recommendations are great. Keep up the good work."

"Niamh is very helpful and helped me lose an inch off my waist in 3 weeks plus motivating me to eat healthy. My portion size has reduced and I started to do exercise. Very charming personality."

"I found my consultation very informative with great ideas on how I can eat more healthy. I would if possible like a follow up in a few months. Thanks."

"Very insightful. Friendly. Easy to use tips. Very enjoyable experience"

"I have really enjoyed the programme. Niamh has given me loads of motivation to get fit and eat healthier. I've learnt a lot too regards different recipes. Thanks :)"

"Niamh very helpful, great to get me into the "zone" to think about healthy eating and to stay on track with it"


"Niamh really knows her stuff and is extremely motivating and enthusiastic"

"Found Niamh very helpful, informative and I would recommend to anyone. Found new ways of eating healthy and exercising. :)"

"Niamh has been great. Really professional and friendly. Her recommendations have been great tips and I'm sure they will prove very useful"

"Very useful. Honest and practical approaches to diet advice :)"

"Very useful session with a number of excellent suggestions offered. Excellent overall"

"I found my experience with Niamh very very helpful in helping me achieve my goals of gaining muscle. I now know what to eat and when to eat it."

  • Ever open your press that is full of food but still struggle to make something tasty?

  • Do you find yourself throwing out food a lot?

  • Do you buy food because you have heard about it but have no idea how to use it?

  • Do you think eating healthy is expensive and go for cheaper less healthy options?

If you have answered yes to any or all of the above or if you would just like a Professional and Enthusiastic Food Lover's aid, then it's time to RE-STOCK,  REPLACE AND RAID YOUR KITCHEN.

During these sessions, Niamh will guide you through the food in your home and give you lots of ideas of things to make, tips on being resourceful, reducing the grocery bill and bring tasty Nutritious meals and snacks to the table.


 Niamh also accompanies you on your usual Food Shop and TRANSFORMS what might be a mundane chore into an EXCITING NEW ADVENTURE. Advice on meal planning, specific dietary requirements and budget buying will be covered. Niamh will also explain Food Labelling and Tips and Tricks of the food trade.

*Individual and Family preferences and requirements will be taken into consideration in meal planning etc.

+ Variety And Balance,  "Me size" Portions, Meal PLanning, 

Education on Food Labelling, Eating Healthy on a Budget, 

Life's Too Hectic For Health, Fussy Eating, Weight Management

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